Thermo Dynamic systems

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Energy saving and efficient hot (tap) water.

KIWA certificate and an EPC 0,31

Even when it's cloudy, rainy or at midnight, you have warm water. This is the biggest benefit for traditional solar panels, which are limited to direct sunshine and a permanent, southern position.  (Northern hemisphere). The Thermo Dynamic system gratifies in terms of the most important European requirements of efficiency and saving energy. Our company supports the wellbeing of humans. That's why we will do everything about it to share the importance from durable energy. The Thermal Dynamic system guarantees, 24 hours a day, warm (tap) water for the bathroom, kitchen, lower temperatures, radiators and indoor swimming pools. 


The lifespan is more than 25 years. The panel is made of anodized aluminum with 30µm. 

  • Proof against higher and lower temperatures. 
  • Solidity.
  • Proof against tegen corrosion.
  • The panel consists of a double channel panel where gas circulates. Due to the circulation of the gas, heat is generated day and night. 
  • Transport friendly, by a small format: 2,00 m x 0,80 m.
  • Various installation options on walls, roofs or any other possible surface. It is not necessary to reinforce the panel.
  • Regularly maintenance is not needed. 

The Thermal Dynamic panel, unique & innovative

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The panels contain refrigerant 134A or 407C.

  • Nonflammable 
  • Non corrosive 
  • Not poisoness 
  • Chemically stable 
  • Kind for the environment


Our Thermal Dynamic system is simple to install on your current cv. The Thermal Dynamic system provides every house with hot (tap) water up to 55ºC, day and night no matter the weather type. At the moment there is no better technique available than this. The panels can save up gas till 80% compared to a regular central heating installation. The Thermal Dynamic system is developed for heating the house in the summer and winter. As long as the temperature outside stays above +5ºC, the system will work optimal. Further there are possibilities to use the system as a basic system for hot water, especially if you install one part inside and the other part outside. For using inside the house, boilers with 200 liters to 500 liters are recommended. The most used boiler has a capacity of 250 liters. (KIWA certificate and an EPC 0,31).Thermal Dynamic systems can be installed in every house. A connected installer can tell you more about this. The system works this optimal that it's used in the Hilton hotel chain for hot water, also with thanks to the KIWA certificate. 

CV-system has a KIWA certificate and a EPC 0,38


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