ES Heat Pump

AWT CombinatieDeveloped in Sweden, ment for the world. ES is one of the largest and fastest growing energy efficiency products in Europe. The headquarter is in Alingsas, Sweden. Our assortment is sold in more than 15 countries, also The Netherlands. 

We will bring your energy bill back to zero. 

As representatives, we are the importer of the most used heat pump brand in Sweden and do all of this with excellent guarantees, years of experience and for the best price!

People are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that there are more choices on the market than the old trusted central heating boiler. When people think about another way of heating, there are many choices to make, dependend on your personal situation. This depends, among other things, on your current home (renovation, new construction, insulation, underfloor heating, radiators), your wishes and ofcourse your budget. But also your options for saving up for now and for the future. It is even possible to become totally energy neutral and therefore no longer receive an energy bill; You will be your own kind of energy supplier. 

    Are you going to search more information on the internet, than there are to many advices, schedules and ads.  Heat pump advice will give you wil u provide an overview in understandable language with advantages and disadvantages and an indication for price comparisons. Due to the fact gas is becoming increasingly scarce and more expensive, people are opting a lot for the energy-neutral option. The possibilities will be explained. 

    We want to wish you very much reading pleasure and if you want more information, general or specific to your situation, you can of course contact us through the contact form for personal advice.

Tetsed in in Extreme Weather conditions

The ES heat pump consists from dual system. This contains that there is no water going outside: no risks for damage by frost. The system provides an optimalised energy efficiency, even in the coldest winter days. A demand driven defrost function ensures high reliability.

An Expanded Offer 

A wide range of models offers the possibility to choose a suitable system for every situation. Every system is accompanied by a simple installation, smooth operation and advanced system diagnostics. An evaporator stimulates heat exchange within the system, this contributes to the total efficiency. The system Het systeem can be connected to any boiler for domestic hot water and to any system for floor and / or central heating.This is the product to lower your high energy bill. 

Extra benefits

  1. Consistent performance at an ambient temperature of -25 ˚C
  2. High quality with great prestations 
  3. Sharp pricing 
  4. Developed in Sweden and now available in Europa, fast supply everywhere 
  5. Compressor with DC conversion technology
  6. Elektronic expansion valve ensures optimum refrigerant flow
  7. Heat pump is inclusive