Mobile boiler house on bio fuel

Energy fuel for warm water and power 

Heating containers

BioWKK Compact

After a nice conversation with Thomas Rau about the new method of use, so not buying a system, but pay for, for example, heat. After this I had contact with Jakob Haverkamp and after a good conversation we now developed a heat container concept for reducing the CO2 to 0 and possilby placed in one day. 

There is a choice to pay per Giga Joule, we take care with our operating company for the maintenance of the installation or to purchase the installations and to maintain or outsource them to our professional operating company.

The heating container (see photo Bio-WKK+ compact) is the ideal durable solution if you do not have sufficient storage or boiler space for a wood chip or pellet heating installation. This container can also be seen. 

Benefits heating containers 

  1. The complete wood heating installation out of one hand of engineering to complete implementation of fuel supply system, bunker storage, wood heating boiler to energy container
  2. Integrated boiler room / boiler house with fuel storage bunker for pellets and / or wood chips
  3. Simple expansion of fuel storage through a second container
  4. Saving valuable manufacturing or production space
  5. Generate your own power 
  6. Short construction time due to efficient construction method

The energy and heating container 

The energy and heating contaner is a durable solution for all product groups from wood heating systems and capacity size from 25 kW. Dependent of the requirements, size of the fuel the storage bunker for pellets, biomass, wood chips and wood chips, the heating containers and energy containers are supplied with an additional fuel container or double-deck variant (two-part heating container). These containers can be installed quickly and easily via a cost-effective system design.



Heating containers employable 

The heating containers will be employed among others at 

  1. Swimming pools
  2. Glass and horticulture
  3. Saunas
  4. Sports halls 
  5. Municipalities
  6. Hotels
  7. Industrial buildings 
  8. Agricultural sector (veal farmers, pig and poultry farmers)
  9. The containers are also ideally suited as a basis for block heating in residential areas

Are you looking for a temporary heat solution or a mobile boiler house? Let us inform you without obligation! We want to tell you about the possibilities of a mobile wood-fired heating central heating container fitted with a pellet combustion boiler. Also ask us about the biomass wood chip heating boiler.

Feel free to contact us for more information.