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The 'WasteGONE Technology'

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     Involved in Insulation and Building in one operation offers many opportunities for easy neutral housing, 10 watts per m2, especially if you are heating with Ice-Ice Heating with heating 50% cheaper than gas, cooling 95% cheaper than electricity. We can include an office for 22ct / m2 / year with heating, cooling and ventilation, the basic idea. Depending on the situation and the continued demand of energy

New possibilities

  •  Water purification in a container form. Now on sale: from wastewater or sea salt to drinking water.
  • Solar panels, we offer 1x installation and 25 year warranty, and Windmill directly connect with battery, look for the possibilities of Hybrid and sea salt battery system.
  • The rapid development of LED lights, offer new opportunities, including street lighting with sensor-systems and sotware directly from our LED factory.
  • The new development of Thermal Containers offer opportunities to Reduce CO2 to 0.
  • Energy123 offers creative possibilities for wind energy with a new generation of wind turbines, SkyWind.




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